Two- An Update on GB

Two more days until Hope’s intensive. The more difficulties Hope has had, the more difficulties GB has. I have consciously been pouring energy into GB and The Dad and MK have intentionally done the same. It has been a struggle with Hope getting so violent against both GB and I, but I have repeatedly told GB the Intensive would help. Since she is a trusting child and the intensive is only two days away, it is becoming real and GB is starting to relax because I told her things would be better afterwards. I will work my butt off to make those statements true. Meantime, GB is sleeping well at night and happier during the daytime. We are sticking to medication, sleep and eating schedules closely because that is how GB does best. She asks for tapping and that has been helping, too.
There is a really good post here that I wish I had read before Hope came home. Some of it, like divide and conquer, I figured out myself. I made the mistake of a shared bedroom. It never occurred to me to assure GB she wasn’t going to die. Live and learn.