Experience in Normal

Yesterday, we went to The Zoom Flume, a local water park. Hope melted down for the time it took to get ready, but I just walked around her. We brought sunscreen, towels, sandwiches, juice boxes, water and snacks. I sat in the back with Hope, helping her hold it together during the car ride. Fortunately, it was only a forty minute ride.

We arrived at the park early enough to get a picnic table in the sun. There was one adult per child, so theoretically, everybody had constant supervision. Hope loved the tube rides and could play endlessly in any one of the three kiddie sections. GB enjoyed the largest kiddie pool and spent a lot of time under the fake water falls. Her favorite, though, was a large wave pool. GB is a strong swimmer and was not intimidated in the least by the four feet high waves.

We took regular breaks for drinks, food, and reapplying sun block. We spent time together as a group and let each child have time to do exactly what they wanted to.  At four o’clock we went to the concession stand and each child picked out an ice cream treat. On the ride home, each child talked about what they liked best.

When we got home, the girls were fried. GB was whinny and clingy. Hope had a major rage and threw the scale at (and hit) The Dad. Both of them were asleep by eight.

I know the all day trip was the direct cause of a miserable evening. That is OK. For a couple of hours, the girls had the experience of a normal family treat.


Yesterday, I did something I rarely do. I drove a half mile and had tea with two ladies I am acquainted with but do not know very well. Of course, they also have special needs kids. Their kids are in the same school district as mine. One of their kids is in GB’s class. It was interesting to hear their perspective on the various people we interact with. We exchanged lawyers names and neuropsych’s numbers (not quite recipes) and all in all, it was an enjoyable ninety minutes. Maybe not the normal, mainstream dropping by for coffee, but probably as close as I am going to get.


Today, my back to healthy day, I took the girls swimming and lasted in the pool for two hours. GB and I had a great time. The Dad and GB’s Grandma came so there was a lot of attention for both girls. Hope enjoyed a little of the afternoon, but most of the time, she was utterly dysregulated. We had multiple episodes of ear-piercing shrieks, that echoed across the large room housing the pool. We had physical threats, but no actual physical attacks. All three of the adults were called names and subject to obnoxious behavior. We ignored it as best we could, but it was difficult. Hope wanted all the attention all the time and since that is never possible, she refused to couldn’t be content. We went out to dinner and now I am in bed, sore and exhausted, but pleased. GB had a good day and I am ready to try again tomorrow.