Too Much Monday

Took both GB and Hope to see the psychiatrist this morning. The shrink was really pleased with GB. Her thinking was clear, she was engaged, and she was willing to talk about anything. Then it was Hope’s turn. Hope immediately told the doctor she was “tupid” and she hated her. The doctor told Hope that “hate” was not a word she allowed in her office and Hope immediately told her that she hated the therapist, too and everyone else in the office. The psychiatrist decided this wasn’t a good time to schedule the TOVA (yet another behavior screening instrument). She also decided she would rather not increase Hope’s med, as we are better off with the behaviors  (and the feelings behind them) being out in the open.

After the 3 hours to and from the shrinks and our appointments, I took Hope to school. I spoke with the principal and left a hand written message for the Special Education Director about Fridays bus incident. I have decided I have to deal with the incident because if I am not sure GB will be safe, I will end up driving her both ways and that will add another hour to the day. I am now writing a letter to the school board, which I hope to get into the mail (sign, returned receipt required) this afternoon.

This afternoon, GB and I go to see the family doctor. Her appetite has been unchecked through three medication changes.There are a couple of metabolic disorders the doctors mentioned when she was an infant that we never saw a need to check out and nobody ever mentioned it again. I am thinking that maybe I missed something.