This and That

I am not really coherent today, so this is a stream of passing thoughts post.

  • 28 1892 windows were replaced in my old farm house this week.
  • They are also suppose to make a new entrance way.
  • My Maine Coon Cats were groomed today. I love their tails.
  • I am on a waiting list for a blue Maine Coon Cat kitten.
  • GB are spending the afternoon and evening together all by ourselves.
  • The nice weather is gone. It is going to rain this afternoon.
  • I love caller ID. GB’s BM called and I didn’t answer.
  • Hope had another tantrum fit last night, but Joe was home and he dealt with it.
  • I replaced my broken kindle. I am going to get to read this weekend.
  • I am really looking forward to a weekend without bruises.

This and That

* Hope saw the pediatric cardiologist yesterday, who said her arrhythmia was benign.

* I started her on 2.5 mg of Abilify last night.

* Hope is in her own room. The alarm is suppose to come today.

* Last night, Hope sneaked out of her room and got into nail polish. The Dad was furious. MK shrugged and asked him what he expected.

* GB has completed 6 hours of recreational reading to earn an amusement park ticket from school.
* GB received another award from school. Last time it was for effort and this time it was for improvement. Her good year continues!
* Hope’s world has gradually expanded in the last 18 months. After Orlando, I plan on making it very small again, until she can handle it.
* The first of three packages arrived for our waterbed mattress replacement. The other two are suppose to arrive today.

*** Orlando can not come soon enough ***