Hope’s CSE

We had a CSE for Hope this morning. It was the first one for Hope without Mrs. V.S. Chairperson. Everybody was prepared with the materials needed. The speech therapist went over the speech eval done on Hope over the summer. She provided detailed information and well formulated goals for Hope’s IEP. Hope teacher discussed where Hope was in the process of learning to read and said right now, Hope requires her one on one involvement to read. Nobody at the meeting seemed aware of district standards to be promoted to first grade. Mrs. Director will find out before we meet again.

I have 6 week programs reviews scheduled for both girls, back to back. I can’t believe how smoothly this year is progressing. Not at all the black sinkhole of energy it was last year. Thank you, God! I really appreciate it!

Running Away

I am, really. Hope’s wrist leash,her time out mat, and all the pool stuff are packed. Of course, I have The Dad, Hope, and GB with me, so it isn’t like I am running away for real. BUT I get to spend the day with a Soul Sister who was in my house last year and will be in my house this year. I am going to meet Kristine of http://mommyneedstherapy.blogspot.com at the philadelphia zoo. After the zoo, we are going back to the motel so the kids and hubbys  can swim. We may swim too, but mostly we are going to talk (maybe drink). I can’t tell you how excited I am. Hopefully, I’ll have pictures later. Right now, I am Doing the Happy Dance!