My Valentines

Today is Valentines Day and both girls woke up excited. GB had picked out a heart dress that was perfect for today. When Hope saw her in it, the lip began to quiver. GB immediately offered to help Hope pick out more appropriate attire. It was fun to watch GB fuss over Hope.

GB baked cookies for her class last night and we drove the girls to school. Hope almost lost it this morning when she was told to pick up the first set of clothing she had on, but managed to pull it together.

It is a Therapy Tuesday so I wanted to post before the rest of the day happened and Hope’s good morning was not the first thing on my mind. Hope went to school this morning expecting to do no work today and to have no homework tonight. I was unable to reset her expectations, so I am not sure how she will come home.

I did enjoy our good morning though!

Married Thirty-Five Years

Today is my 35th Anniversary. We got marries on Super Bowl Sunday, in the middle of one of the worse ice storms Long Island has ever seen. We have had over 20 children with special needs in our lives, some temporary, some still here. We have had rocky times and yet we are still here. Marriage is hard work, but I would do it all again.

For today, how GB’s coping and Hope is testing don’t matter. Today is for us.

54 Today!

Five years ago today, I turned 49. I received all the usual calls from family and friends. The last call, shortly after GB was in bed, was from my father. He wished me a Happy Birthday and made lots of small talk. I was on the phone with him for a long time, which was unusual. Just as we were saying our goodbyes, I heard “I love you”. We hung up. I cried.

In 49 years, that was the first time I remember my father saying “I love you”. It was the only memory I have of him saying  “I love you”. He didn’t live to see me turn 50.