Support Needed

Today, at 3:30 PM Eastern Time, Hope’s ICM caseworker, the new waiver caseworker, and the new caseworker’s supervisor are meeting with The Dad and I here to see what support they can give us. If they say her needs are too intense, the only help left is an RTF and we won’t do it. 

Please pray for us all- that we will have support from this program and peace will visit (at least occasionally) again.

Need a RAD Sheild

Listening to music is one of the ways GB self-regulates. I recently bought her new headphones and she loves them. She used them tonight, with some success.

I had a tough morning physically. GB fed both girls cereal, took care of Ellie, made sure their backpacks were together and walked out to the bus on time. A success all around. Right up to the 9:40 email from Hope’s teacher, Ms. VY Teacher. In the email, Ms VY Teacher told me Hope got off the bus, went straight to her classroom and told her that GB had bit her this morning. Hope had a bite mark on her arm.

To get to my to my point, after exchanging six emails, the real story was that Hope had bit herself and told her teacher that GB had done it to get GB in trouble. She said she was tired of GB always being good.

How do you protect  an autistic, FASD, 8 year old from her  RAD sibling?