No Snow or Ice Today!

There is NO snow or ice today and there is not suppose to be tomorrow! Saturday is suppose to be more snow and ice, but I am not going there yet. All of these snow days have taught me a couple of things. First, the girls need scheduled breaks away from each other. Second, I thought I did a good job organizing the house for the girls. NOT! There is still way too much for them to play with, and since I am spending the morning in with the plumber (Yeah! The kids will have their toilet back, I will have my garbage disposal back and the house will be temporarily leak free), I am going on a purging binge. Four weeks to Orlando, less then five to surgery. I HAVE to purge or I can’t imagine the mess that will be here after I am up and around again. The Dad keeps on top of them to clean up, but they are sneaky little buggers- they have hidey holes and out of the way corners that they can just pile stuff without having to actually think about where stuff goes. And the room looks SO much better…

The girls didn’t want to go back to school today. I sidetracked GB by telling her she could go outside after school and climb the snow mountains. As for Hope, well, my Texas girl was excited the first 4 or 5 times she saw snow and went out in it. Now she is done with it. She doesn’t like snow clothes, she doesn’t like the cold and she definitely doesn’t like cold hands. Nobody has been able to convince her that if she kept her gloves on, her hands wouldn’t be wet or cold. 

Snow Mountains Await!