An Exciting Saturday Morning

Hope started her special needs swimming lessons late this morning. Her Dad will be going with her and getting in the water to keep Hope from being overwhelmed. She put her head under the water and jumped off the side of the pool. Most importantly, she ended the class with a smile and wants to go back next week.

GB and I went to Panera’s to have a nice quiet breakfast together. Breakfast was good, but there was no quiet. Someone burnt toast in Panera’s huge toaster. They turned off the alarm. Several minutes later, a snorkel truck and an emergency fire truck pulled up and a half a dozen fireman, with their coats, boots, hats, and equipment came running in. GB was very interested and couldn’t take her eyes off them. There was no smoke that I could see, bur the firemen set up a huge, loud fan to blow the smoke through the door next to wear we were sitting. It didn’t take very long for the noise to get to GB. We came home, put on her weighted vest and a dance DVD.  She is much more regulated now. We switched to a quieter Comfy Couch DVD and she chose to keep her vest on. She has a birthday party at 2 pm. She is excited. I will take her and stay. When she has had enough, we can leave. The party will have snakes at it. I didn’t know GB even liked snakes.