Reiki, Maybe

I haven’t seen my sister-in-law for more than a couple of hours at a time since GB was a baby. What little time we have spent together has only been in large family crowds. She and The Dad’s brother recently retired and moved from Chicago to the mountains of North Carolina. They built an enormous house with a large pool and a hot tub. We have been here since Wednesday.

The kids are living in the pool and by 8:30 are out on their feet. We have had plenty of opportunity to catch up. The one thing that stood out was that 4 years ago, my SIL became a Reiki master. She arranged for everybody but her and I to be out of the house for two hours tomorrow and is going to introduce me to the art.

I know several Trauma Mamas that use Reiki, not only for themselves, but to help their kids heal. I am looking forward to finding out at least the basics tomorrow. Maybe I can use it to help Hope…