Puberty and Shopping

GB sat me down for a heart to heart talk over the weekend.

GB: Mom, you know I am growing up, right?

Me: I know that. You can do a lot of things now that you couldn’t do before.

GB: That’s not what I mean. I mean my body is growing up.

Me: Oh.

GB: I am getting hair down there. (pointing)

Me: That’s called pubic hair.

GB: I have hair in my armpits now. I have real breasts growing.

Me: You are growing up.

GB: I NEED real bras.

So GB and I went “real” bra shopping. We went to Penney’s and had her measured and fitted. She was a 32A. I remember getting my first bra at thirteen and it was a 32AAA. GB is not nine yet. We bought 7 bras- some white, some tan and three with bright patterns.

On the way home, GB and I discussed the etiquette of wearing a bra, mostly along the lines of if you are old enough to need to wear one, you are old enough not to tell or show people. As we had this conversation, I was wondering how many times I would have to repeat it. This is a child who won’t let anyone walk in on her getting dressed, but thinks nothing of walking nude around the house, looking for a particular item of clothing. She still thinks bathroom humor is hysterical. Developmentally, she is somewhere around 5, heading for 6.

I am not ready for puberty yet.