Off By a Bit

I had just started working on plotting my grandson’s reading scores this morning when my son gets a phone call saying the IEP meeting is NOW not tomorrow at 1:05. I was wearing sweats and slippers and had X’s records  spread around me. I scooped up X’s records and went as I was.
X was reading at a DRA level 10 in June 2011. In September, 2011, he started back to school reading at a DRA level 6. It wasn’t until the end of January, 2012, that X reached a level 10 again. That was as far I had gotten when they called.
We got a lot done, but stalled on extended year services. We are meeting again on Thursday to complete the IEP. I will be in Michigan until Friday AM.
I will be prepared and wearing my professional persona my then.

Progress on the Education Front

After being told for two weeks that nothing can be done until we finalize Hope, the school district has had a change of heart. Shortly after I called the principal of the neighborhood school to inquire which kindergarten teacher was going to get stuck with Hope  on the first day of school, the special ed people called back and asked me to send any information I had on Hope to them. Progress.

We have decided to start Hope in the little room, with monitor, alarm, bed and new bedding. We are getting an L-shaped bunk set, with a built in staircase, storage drawers, and a desk for GB’s room with the idea the girls may possibly share a room at some unspecified  point in time.  GB is very excited and is stuck on getting to Texas. We have decided to make Hope her first name and give her Faith as a middle name. GB considered taking Faith as her middle name, but ultimately decided her own middle name was much prettier. I still do not know which one of them will be finalized  first. The only appropriate placement for Hope that can finagle an opening, is the special ed preschool GB went to. That is the placement I am going to insist on. I verified today that the school takes a couple of kindergartners  every year in its Pre- K program. There are several children in each of the 4 year old classes who are working on toilet training, so Hope’s pull-ups will be a non-issue.

My oldest girl is off and raging again, with the baby expected any day. D takes his final tomorrow.