My Friend, the Papoose Board

The first week after Parenting in SPACE was better. Hope didn’t seem to care that we were gone, DAY (Defiance, Aggression, Yelling) was working well for both girls. The Home and Community waiver worker worked with Hope and I to come up with safety plan, which incorporated  the Papoose board. We went to visit friends for three days and were rage free. It wasn’t good- Hope was still stealing and lying everyday and she ended up with 3 or 4 DOs most days, but it WAS better.

Then Therapy Tuesday came. Right now, we are not doing therapy on Tuesday because we are still on waiting lists for an attachment therapist- lot’s of them. Hope had been caught Monday night with a toy that she took from her classroom. I told her she would have to return it. Tuesday morning I checked to make sure the toy was in her book bag. I told her I was going to email Ms. V.Y. Teacher, so that she would know what was going on. Nothing new- I have been in regular email contact with her teacher since Hope’s honeymoon ended. Hope has always been aware of it.

Tuesday morning brought a different reaction from Hope; she swiftly crossed the room and kicked me. She then sat on my laptop so I couldn’t email her teacher. I called her on aggression because she kicked me and told her to have a seat. She raged. She raged through the bus pick up. she raged through the first hour of school. She raged in the Papoose board, so nobody got hurt. When she calmed down and was in control of her body again, The Dad took her to school and the school  therapist processed the stealing behaviors with her again.

It was pouring after school  and I waited at the bottom of the driveway in my car for their bus to come. GB got off the bus complaining of too much homework, and Hope got off with her arms crossed in front of her trying to pin me with her death ray stare. They got in the car and I drove up and around the driveway to the front door. GB quickly went inside to see the Dad. I was gathering up my stuff to bring in when I felt a sharp pain on my head I looked up to see Hope’s face inches from mine. She had unbuckled and deliberately head butted me because she thought I was taking too long. I told her that head butting was aggression and she had to go inside and take a seat. She raced ahead of me and by the time I got inside, she had already kicked The Dad. We went through the Papoose board routine and Hope calmed in less then thirty minutes. The Dad let her up and reminded her that she still had time to do and a DO when her time was done. The Dad went upstairs to take a work call and moments later, as I was walking into the kitchen, Hope comes over and deliberately sunk her teeth in me and kept on attacking. I wrestled her into the Papoose board and ended up with another bite, a lot of claw marks, and a bruised right breast. It took over an hour for her to calm down. I wasn’t taking any more chances of being beat up today, so Hope had a PRN and her night time meds before I let her up. I fed her a quick dinner and she was in bed by 6:00.When she realized her night was over, she started screaming again.I told her I hoped tomorrow would be a better day.

Wednesday  was better- only one rage and Hope caught up on her DOs. We all had ice cream for dessert, she went to bed easily, and I had reasonable hopes for Thursday. Hope went to school with minimal difficulties Thursday morning and did a good job on her HW without trying to involve anyone else. Dinner was uneventful and I was hoping for a quiet bedtime. My hopes were dashed when Hope spit her medication in my face. I gave it back and insisted she take it. Once she had swallowed her meds, I turned to check her tub. That was the first time she bit me. She got four bites on me before I got her out her safely out of the bathroom.  She raged for the better part of an hour. Once she calmed down, a quick bath was followed by bedtime.

I am discouraged and sore. Tuesday was the worse day Hope has had in over a year. I am grateful for the Papoose board, because without it, I would have looked like an abused woman again. The HCWS worker is meeting with us and the school today to finish our service plan. I hope they provide some support soon.