After the First Week

  • Toilet training is progressing. Hope has had one accident every day. She is dry more often then not when she wakes up.
  • She is definitely RAD. At the school yesterday, she spent an hour and a half climbing up everybody’s leg- teachers, parents, other kids. It was so obvious that even the densest psychologist in the district picked up on it- and she is very dense. 
  • Hope is desperately afraid of being abandoned and just about everything else. She won’t talk about any of it, but she is afraid of the dark, bugs, bats, snakes, squirrels, and has to be within 3 or 4 feet of the Dad or I  at all times. She is fine with the Dad. With me, it seems she needs to be that close so she can attack me. Today I have been head butted, elbowed in the face, and bitten on the hand.
  • We are using time in- Hope is currently right next to me wiping up the water she threw.
  • Right now she is focusing on being between GB and every/any body else. I have not figured out how to thwart that.
  • Yesterday, Hope told me her Texas mother was dead. We haven’t heard from any of them. Still working on that post.
  • The weekend should be easier with both adults home.

Day 2- We pick up Hope

Today we got in our red rent-a-car and headed towards Austin to pick up Hope. Before we actually got Hope, we stopped to meet Struggling to Stand and Mary the Mom for lunch. Imagine our surprise when we walked towards the restaurant, the door opening, and Hope’s adoptive Dad standing there saying “Hi, I’m Blah Blah.  I didn’t know what to say and fortunately, he didn’t stay around. Lunch was lovely and healthy, except for the carrot cake, and the company was wonderful. GB took a shine to Mary the Mom’s pink high heels and was flying high with excitement. She took the picture of them as her contribution to this post. It is so good to have met them IRL.

We went to pick up Hope at her house and noticed several things. First, what attachment Hope has, she has with the father. Second, one of the things this family told her is that she will have a sister that looks like her. Both of the parents pointed out to me how much alike the girls look. If by alike, they mean non-white, I can see it. If not, they are deluding themselves. I am now sure race was part of the problem.

Since picking up Hope, we have had one meltdown and it was from GB. Hope is easily calling us Mom and Dad, but is very wound up. No aggression yet. She informed me that she would use the toilet when she is bigger. I told her she was already big enough and she would use the toilet when she was ready. We are now going out to dinner, and if we are still a functioning unit, we will swim after dinner.
Court is at 7:45 tomorrow morning.

GB ready to go!

GB with our lunch #

Mary the Mom’s Beautiful Pink Heels (picture by GB)

Hope- Ready to Go!