Swimming with the Dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins was the highlight of our cruise. All the ladies in our group went together, while the gentlemen went sailing to St. John. GB was nervous but so brave. She enjoyed herself immensely. We are having a book made of our adventure, but it won’t be here before Christmas. I am considering a week of dolphin therapy for both girls, but that will have to wait until Hope is stable enough to handle airports and planes.

My Favorite Baker

GB received cookbooks from a number of people this Christmas. Each was different and each was met with excitement. GB has used her new cookbooks a couple of times, but today was different. Today, she wanted to do it by herself. She picked out the recipe, made a shopping list, and went shopping with The Dad. She read the directions, did the measuring (I double checked), and made the cakes herself. I insisted on putting the cakes in and out of the oven, but that is the only help she had. She even took these pictures herself. Today, GB is one proud and independent baker!

She even helped clean up with a smile 🙂

Hope Has a GREAT Afternoon!

Hope started out the day miserable.  She screamed, slammed, and raged at The Dad. This afternoon she decide to be pleasant and cooperative. We spent the afternoon swimming. When we started, Hope couldn’t swim. By the time the afternoon was over, Hope could swim across the whole pool. She is so proud of herself!

Not to be left out, GB did a running jump and caught the beach ball. Everyone is having a good time and yesterday’s car  ride is a distant memory 🙂