Circular Reasoning

I had a meeting with the Director of Special Education today. GB was suppose to receive reading instruction in a small group of three students, every day, taught by a special education teacher who is also certified in reading. Since there was only three students, the Director did not feel an aide was necessary. However, the three student reading group only happened twice a week. The rest of the week, GB was doing vocabulary, spelling and writing in a third grade class with no support. We did not know it, GB’s special ed teacher did not know it, and the Director of Special education said she did not know it  Why? Because nobody at the school was in charge of monitoring GB’s reading program and there was no aide to report back to the teacher.. For the next four weeks, the Director of Special Education will be monitoring GB’s reading program. At that point, I have a CSE meeting set up to rip her IEP to shreds and redo it, line by line. And round and round we go.


The Dad worked from home today, so the morning went a lot smoother. GB had a good day in school and Hope tried. She lost a rung on her “ladder” today, so she didn’t get a prize. She was eating pencil shavings. Never had that one before.

Ms Teacher is concerned because Hope has no academic skills at all. She wants us to work on academics at home. I sent a note back (I think a polite note) saying that we had many important things to work on at home, but we would do what we could.

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