Taking Care of My Girls or Fighting With the District

I met with the Director of Special Education this afternoon. I brought these notes with me.


    current aide is assigned one on one with another child
    both my children said she touched my eight year old autistic daughter
    aide got off the bus and went 50+ feet up my driveway to tell me she didn’t touch  no kid
    my daughter is afraid to ride the bus with this aide.

     Attempted remedies

    Contacted bus company who said my kid was a “fibber”
    Contacted school principal
    Contacted Director of Special Education
    Contacted Ass. Superintendent: after being given two weeks to deal with  difficulty, said he was unable to help and I should “do what I have to do”

     Immediate acceptable remedies

    Aide replaced on bus
    children moved to different route

     Systemic Remedy

    Every adult who comes in contact with my child, including bus drivers and aides, needs to be provided  with training, by professional trainers, on Fetal  Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


CSE Chairperson, Mrs. Very Stupid Chairperson


    Does not follow NYS Regulations
    Presents inaccurate information as fact
    Presents her opinion as fact (ex, my daughter is not developmentally disabled, Bipolar is the diagnosis of the decade)
    Decisions are determined before CSE meeting
    Has a multiple year history of trying to deny my child her FAPE

      Attempted remedies

     Have tried working with the Director of Special Education  to work around Mrs. V. S. Chairperson. Takes many weeks and concerted effort to get my  concerns even addressed. In the mean time, my children are denied necessary services

     Immediate Acceptable Remedies

    Director of Special Education to act as Chairperson for both of my children, effective immediately.

   Systemic Remedy

   Mrs. V.S. Chairperson needs to either be trained on the regulations governing a CSE and how to run a CSE meeting or she needs to be replaced as Chairperson of CSE.

The meeting lasted 15 minutes. The Director of Special Ed agreed to chair my girls meetings. She also agreed to add individual speech to the 2 groups Hope gets weekly. She suggested that  she ride with my girls and try to solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, she suggested adding an aide just for my girls to make sure there were no further problems. I didn’t even have to hire a lawyer.