Show and Tell

Hope continues her week long *snit*. I have stopped waiting for it to pass. She was fine this morning until GB woke up. Then she *couldn’t* do anything. Couldn’t use the toilet, couldn’t find a shirt. Couldn’t wear such ugly pants, couldn’t put on a sock.  Couldn’t find her sneakers until GB handed them to her. And then the rage started. Doors, walls, high pitch screeches, things flying across the air. The rage lasted until GB and I were sitting down to breakfast. Hope wanted to know where her breakfast was. I told her I wasn’t feeding out of control children this morning. It was magic. The rage was gone. The polite, controlled Hope was sitting at her place saying “May I have breakfast, please?”, as if the last 45 minutes hadn’t happened.

I am grateful that the predicted snowfall never came. After breakfast, the girls grabbed their backpacks and we went to the bus. The only reminder of the morning was GB had her show and tell in her book bag and Hope went without. GB had used the time Hope was raging to pick something out and Hope-  well Hope was busy raging. Better luck next week.