She loves me, she loves me not…

GB loves being a big sister. She enjoys having someone to play with and she enjoys having someone that makes her look good. She does not enjoy physical aggression and she does not enjoy missing out on a fun activity because Hope is bouncing and I decide it is not safe to go out of the house with her.

Yesterday, Hope pushed GB against the wall and started pummeling her. An hour later, she bit GB on the leg. I showed GB how to put her arms out straight, with the palms of her hands perpendicular. We role played using that to enforce her personal space with Hope. It also gives GB a response before she gets bitten.

Hope spent yesterday right next to me. Every time she asked to do something, I said “I am sorry, but you can’t because you were not safe with people today. You can try again tomorrow.” Hope missed the walk MK took the baby and GB on. She missed watching the new video we bought. She was not allowed to go to gymnastics. Today was a school day and Hope was very happy to be getting out of the house. I know it will be a long struggle, but I am hoping we can make her world small enough that she can handle it.