More Success

We used the ace bandage to wrap Hope and her Holter Monitor together. We won’t know for sure until later in the week, but I think we have a good shot at success this time. The leads stayed on her even through her tantrums. She did get out of our sight once, and I know she fiddled with it. I am hoping that she didn’t erase all the data this time.


Our experience with the Holter Monitor was a failure. Hope spent most of yesterday raging, tear off the leads and throwing the monitor itself. When we finally gave up on the monitor, she started throwing everything she could get her hands on. The Dad ended up with Hope in full restraint multiple times over the day. We will have to try again next week. The Dad is really down that  we were unable to maintain her to complete the test. I am just resigned to having to repeat it.

Yesterday was no fun for GB. Today one of us will take GB swimming and give her one on one time.

Finally, a Holter Monitor

Hope still has an irregular heartbeat. Yesterday we drove to the Middle City to have a 24 hour Holter monitor put on her. She acted extremely young today, did not listen, and tried all sorts of extreme ways (including falling out of the car) to get any kind of attention. It was tiring. And worth it- Hope let them wire her up without any resistance. Now we just have to keep the wires attached for 24 hours. Then, perhaps, we will have some answers.