Whose Mistake?

We went to Radio City Music Hall and saw their Holiday Spectacular. We went with another family. We took the train down to Grand Central. We meandered around Rockefeller Plaza. The kids each picked an activity from the MOMA gift shop as a souvenir. We had hot dogs from street vendors and went to the 1pm matinee. Our seats were in the second row and each girl had cotton candy and a Radio City Music Hall Santa hat which came with cotton candy.

The show itself was an absolute success. All the girls were mesmerized.

Dinner was not as successful. We had reservations, but the restaurant was $50 an entree and had no kid’s menu. My Fillet Mignon┬á and the sauce it came with was delicious. Everybody else had trouble finding something they thought they would eat. I didn’t recognize most of what was on the menu.

Hope had an awful day. The only time she enjoyed herself was during the actual show. She was difficult all day. She had two full blown rages. In the middle of Manhattan. We had no graceful exits,

That old dilemma again. We want her to enjoy the family time with us. She can’t handle anything but a small, confined world. I am glad Hope had the experience of seeing the show. I never want to take her anywhere again.

It is one of those days..

Maybe its the post holiday blues. I did not do Black Friday madness, but my 20 year old nephew did. I waited up for him to get home and it almost three before I got to bed. Maybe it is just tiredness.

Hope is playing up to everybody, except for  gunning for me and GB. Thanksgiving Day Hope scratched GB and left a 4 inch mark. When I tried to talk to Hope, she took a swing at me. The Dad told me to back off and leave her alone. Yesterday, GB left a scratch on Hope. The Dad was all over her, reduced her to tears and removed her from the group. Never mind that Hope was not where she was suppose to be. At bedtime, GB still hadn’t recovered. My sister’s oldest and youngest are both special needs, though bio kids. The 14 year old and GB have always been oil and water. Visits have gotten harder lately, instead of easier.

I am feeling isolated today and hear that two bedroom apartment calling GB and I by name. Hope and I did well this week and in 24 hours, I am back to wondering why I bother trying.

I will post again when I can shake the negativity I am feeling.

Easter 2011

We chose to greatly simplify our Easter celebration this year. Breakfast at home, church, lunch just the four of us, a trip to see The Dad’s mom, a DVD, and bed. Baskets, presents, and candy all done before the actual day. No large gatherings of family or friends, no Easter dinner. Smooth and low key.

Our carefully thought out plan didn’t make it through church. The best of plans can’t stand up to a RADish on a holiday. Raspberries, ugly faces, nasty name calling. The Dad tried the don’t-rise-to-the-bait method for a long time- through half the sermon and most of the benediction. Then my little Radling kicked him. He took her out of the car. All the kids got Easter baskets filled with goodies after service. The Dad made sure he got one for Hope, so she had goodies to eat  with GB on the way home. I thought it was ridiculous, but The Dad thinks I am just vindictive.

Hope was no better during lunch. GB and The Dad are on the way to see his mom. The little Radling is watching a movie, staying as far away from me as she can.

A five point harness is on the top of my list, followed by keeping Hope home for very long time. My next trip will be a road trip with just GB. We will run away and spend a night away. I don’t know where we will go, but I guarantee Hope will not be with us.

Hoping all my readers had a great day, except those of you who have RADishes. To those with RADishes, I hope you had a peaceful day.