GB is Nine!

Today GB is nine. Nine years ago, I had the privilege of catching her as she was born. Although I am sad her birth parents  were unable to get their acts together and take care of her, I have been blessed with her constant presence in my life.

She makes ordinary moments worth celebrating and  highlights unforgettable. She is the baby I never expected and the child the second half of my life is built around. She has issues and challenges, but every morning she gets up ready and eager to start again. GB is a gift from God. 


Hope, Party, and No Social Skills

Hope’s birthday party was today. GB has been fragile since we cut pack the Invega. Only two of the nine other kids in Hope’s class came. GB’s NT friends filled in the gap, but when the party was over, Hope wanted to know why her other classmates weren’t there. I told her I didn’t know, because I couldn’t tell her she has no friends because she has no social skills. Not only would that have been negative, but it probably would have ignited a meltdown. I need to get Hope’s IEP out and write some smart goals for social skills before the next CSE meeting. It was a strange party… the birthday girl didn’t interact with most of her guests.

Happy Birthday, Grandson

Mali turns one in a couple hours. MK had a party to celebrate today. It was not the way I have done first birthday parties, and there are things I could complain about or criticize. Or I could share all the positives I saw today.

  • Our extended family turned out; not only Mali’s grandparents, but also GB’s grandparents, my friends, my daughter-in-law,  my granddaughter, and MK’s new friends with their babies. MK and her friends go for walks with their babies four or five times a week. They have play dates, help each other out, and all take good care of their kids. 
  • MK was grateful for each person who came. Things went wrong and she recovered and moved on.
  • GB was close to losing it. I made her official photographer and she was able to focus herself and did a great job.
  • All the kids had a great time and none of them wanted to leave.
  • The child who had dirty underwear, but had lost her poop, wasn’t even mine.
  • My grandson had a great time!