GB’s Night

GB’s gymnastic class put  on a special performance. They did a floor routine created by the dance instructor and a bar routine created by the gymnastic instructor. She wore the new biketard she received for Christmas. MK and the baby came and her grandparents were also there. Everybody was very impressed. GB was in the right spot, focused, and showed off her skills, despite a nervous tummy. Afterwards, we all went to the Chinese buffet for dinner. Hope tried to take the attention away from GB, but The Dad stayed on top of it and made sure GB got to shine.

I am proud of how hard GB works to master new skills!

A Success For GB!

GB has enjoyed gymnastics at The Little Gym since she was two. The Little Gym has been good with her. They always put her in a small class. All their classes are held one at a time, so there is nothing to distract her and the parents viewing area is completely glassed off from the room the kids learn in. They waited patiently for GB to be able to stand in line. In the beginning, GB could only manage 5 minutes doing what the class was doing. By kindergarten, she was on target more than half the time.  During these years, GB learned a lot of gymnastics. She had several NT friends that enjoyed the same classes she did. Last spring, GB started getting bored. Her instructors suggested she move up to the pre-team  class. It was the highest level of gymnastics they taught and it was by invitation only. It was a 90 minute class instead of a sixty minute class and none of GB’s friends were invited.

GB and I were both apprehensive. GB didn’t like not knowing anybody in the class. I was worried about the length of the class and how seriously the girls in the class took gymnastics. Ultimately, with some encouragement from a friend, I decided to go for it. GB still wasn’t sure. I bought her a new biketard and assured her the class would be fun. She agreed to try it.

The first class was yesterday. GB beamed through all 90 minutes of it and made a new friend. Most of the girls were on the same level as her and when the instructors started them on new skills, GB gave them her best shot and didn’t worry when she didn’t instantly master them. I think it is going to be a good experience for her.

Vote for GB!

GB’s gymnastics is having an end of the year picture contest. She chose this picture.

She would appreciate anybody who was willing to click on this link to the picture on Facebook and “like” it.  Thanks 🙂