We Set a Record!

Yesterday was Therapy Tuesday. I never like Therapy Tuesdays because they tend to be miserable. Yesterday was by far the worse one I have experienced. 

GB bumped her head, hard, on the car door on our way in. She was instantly convinced I did it and there was no way to convince her otherwise. She has a big knot on her head and would accept no comfort from me. She just cried and insisted it was my fault.

The Dad went back with Hope. During the session, The Dad and the therapist talked about conditions under which it would be productive for The Dad and Hope to go to Texas to visit her first adoptive parents. They had this conversation in front of Hope. All Hope heard was “Daddy is taking me to Texas”. She was more hyper than I had ever seen her. 

She never did settle down last night. She was wild and totally out there for the rest of the night… no eye contact, giddy giggling, and total defiance. It was after 11:30 PM before she was still long enough to fall asleep. The Dad didn’t miss the State of the Union speech, though. It is good to have priorities.

Hope woke up this morning with great difficulties, still carrying on about her non-existent Texas trip. I feel sorry for Mrs. VY Teacher,


A Manic Weekend (the short version)

Start at the beginning. GB came home from school Friday completely manic- racing thoughts, pressured speech, no ability  to modulate her voice and greatly looking forward to the weekend. Hope came home very unhappy, having lost all of her recess and not gotten her prize at the end of the day. GB was oblivious and Hope was jealous- and we met friends for dinner. Long Evening.

Saturday  the girls woke up the same as they went to bed- GB manic, Hope jealous. We cleaned up the house in the morning, some of our friends and GB’s friends stopped by to decorate cookies and celebrate GB’s adoption in the afternoon. Both girls went to parents night out at the gym, and the Dad and I went out to dinner, childless, with friends.  We didn’t pick the girls up until 9:30, and by this point GB was manic and tired (although she didn’t know it) and Hope was tired and figured crying was easier than any thing else. Hope was up until after 10 and GB finally went off somewhere around 11pm.

Sunday the Dad insisted on church for him and the girls and wanted MK and I to come. We did and MK brought Mali. That meant waking the girls up early, after a bad night. The girls had Pop Tarts and cookies for breakfast, cupcakes for lunch (not my idea). We got home from church,  the girls were fed real food and then watched TV. The Dad rested a while, then took both girls to see his mother, driving over an hour each way. The four of them went out to dinner and it was well after bed time when my guys got home. GB was manic and couldn’t stop laughing. Hope decided that manic looked fun and joined in. The dad was spitting tacks and didn’t look like he was in much better shape then GB. I was soooo happy when every body was in bed.

This morning the Dad left early for work. I let the girls sleep in. When they finally woke up, both Hope and GB were better regulated. We went through our morning routine, then I drove them to school an hour late. Additional commentary can be found on the other blog if you are interested.