My Agenda Going to the CSE Tomorrow

I make it a point to have a written agenda going into a CSE and bring enough copies for everyone. This is what I came up with for GB’s meeting tomorrow.

Agenda for GB’s Program Review, 12/5/12

She is spending 80 – 90 minutes a night.
She is unable to complete it independently.
Every night, there is something she has not learned yet.

Last year was Touch Math, this year Saxon (Grade 4).
GB can add/subtract with regrouping and round numbers.
GB is very weak in numeracy, patterns, fractions, and is     struggling with concept of multiplication.
On a typical Saxon Hw sheet, GB can only complete 1 or 2 groups     of problems, out of six.
Math is being taught to the class as a whole.
GB scored a low 1 in Math on the state assessment last spring.

GB typically can read between 50% and 75% of the words on the     spelling list.
She is unable to complete the first exercise of each unit.     (analogies,     opposites, definitions)
She is not getting the RTI reading she had last year.
GB scored a low 1 in ELA on the state assessment last spring.

Her anxiety is through the ceiling. She worries about not being able to complete the pattern and losing recess, not being able to complete the Hw and losing recess. The Hw time each night is not allowing her enough “down” time.
Not being allowed to go to the school store because Hw is not completed is not acceptable. My email asking for clarification of this incident went unanswered.

We would like GB to have as normal an experience as she can handle.
For example, typical fourth graders do not need to bring ice cream and school store money in a sealed, labeled envelope. GB is capable of managing this on her own and we would like her to have the opportunity to do so.

Any good thoughts or prayers you can spare would be appreciated.

Back in the Thick of It

Hope raged twice yesterday when the Dad wasn’t home. I didn’t lose it, although I thought about it. Thankfully, GB earned her dollar and stayed out of the room. Hope stayed together enough in the afternoon to have a play date with the brother of one of GB’s friends. It worked out well because the boy Hope was playing with has a PCA  all day Saturdays and their were three adults supervising four children.

This morning, Hope raged before we even got downstairs because there were no clean socks in her drawer. She knocked over a table and a chair, scratched, punched and hit me. She started screaming “I want Daddy” and something broke inside me. The Dad came and I told him to leave, he was not involved in this incident. It took until 11:30 before Hope gave up on waiting for Daddy. She finally calmed down. We cuddled and processed where we started (lack of socks) , result (2 1/2 hour meltdown), and consequence (She has to stay within three feet of me all day). She picked up the things she knocked over and threw. Then I let her cuddle her Daddy. She is now playing quietly with her doll at my feet.

Tomorrow, I will tackle SPOA again. I have no choice.