Asking Nicely Worked

I received an email from the Special Ed Director last night in response to the email I sent her last week. It said both girls are welcomed to attend summer school. She asked that I let the bus company and teachers know what days they will  be missing. Another checked of my list. Getting ready for Hope’s Intensive has a long lists of to-do’s and I got to cross one off!


Since Hope’s Attachment Therapy Intensive is scheduled for the day after summer school starts, the school district does not want to pay for either girl to go. I understand their position. The girls would miss 8 days out of a 30 day day program. It doesn’t even bother me if GB doesn’t go, because I had hesitated to sign her up. A relaxed summer, with Hope in summer school may be just what she needs. I want Hope to go, not only because that is key to a relaxed summer for GB, but because after going through the kindergarten program twice, with one on one academics, Hope still is not sure of all her sounds. I am trying an approach with the school that I haven’t tried for years… I simply asked for what I wanted, nicely, with no threat, implied or otherwise. I am interested in seeing how it works out.