The Blog Fates

The blog fates got me. After posting this morning about good things happening, Hope got off the bus screeching full blast and kicking and throwing every thing in her path. She raged for over an hour. Both of my hands and my right elbow are swollen. GB helped herself to a snack and without prompting sat down to do HW. The HW was much more realistic than the previous night’s, and GB was highly motivated because she wanted to make Ice Cream Mice for dessert tonight. Just as GB was finished with her snack, Hope had settled down enough that I thought we had a chance to get through our afternoon. GB asked for a cuddle and I cuddled her while checking her HW. This did not go over well with Hope and soon many things where flying through the air. Hope was so busy watching for my reaction that it took her completely by surprise when MK pinned her from behind. MK told her she could not throw things ever and since the baby was sleeping Hope had to tantrum quietly. Hope was furious, but MK is much stronger than I am and no matter how hard Hope tried, MK would not let her move at all. She was unable to hurt her. The tantrum was over in 10 minutes.

I gave Hope yogurt to hold her until dinner, then got her HW out. MK volunteered to supervise and I could let her- MK hasn’t played head games in a while.

We got through dinner on the Dad’s and MK’s patience and finally it was time to make the Ice Cream Mice. They loved making them and loved eating them, so at least the night ended on a good note.

GB and her Ice Cream Mouse

Hope and her Ice Cream Mouse