Today did not go as planned. Hope woke up with a 103 degree fever. Mali Joined her with a 102. GB was visiting the class she is going to try in January, which meant she was excited and nervous- not her best combination.

Hope and Mali went to the doctors and are on antibiotics. Both of them did a lot of sleeping today. Hope is feeling so bad, she didn’t even think of tomorrow’s field trip. GB had a good first impression of both the class and the school. She is worried about the cafeteria. I told her if it turned out to be a problem, we would figure something out.

GB had gymnastics today and mastered her round off. She enjoys the gymnastics class so much and is getting a lot of confidence from it.

We are looking at a new configuration of therapy. The County Mental Health program is shutting down and three very good therapists are looking into setting up an integrated practice. Hope would have a therapist just for her, everybody else would work with a different therapist, and a third therapist would work with family dynamics.

We are staying home for the holidays. My sister and family are coming here. Besides skiing and bowling, most of us will probably go to Manhattan. Hope and I will stay home.

I have a program on my Mac called MindNode. I am trying to use it to track goals for the entire family. I also have a scanner and software package called NeatDesk on my wish list. It would be great for tracking the ton of paper work building up. It is pricey though and with The Dad only working halftime and getting half his salary, it may have to remain a wish.

I am meeting my old friend and Pastor, (and Mali’s grandfather) for lunch. Prayers for God’s intercession would be appreciated as well as any good thoughts and positive energy. Life is too short to waste ir.


I was spitting tacks when we left for my sister’s last night. The Dad insisted on taking the Prius because the saving in gas is significant. I couldn’t imagine any amount of money worth traveling with Hope in the Prius on a ten or eleven hour ride. My fears were valid. Hope nutted up and The Dad spoke softly and called her his “baby”, while growling at GB to leave her sister alone. I should have just stayed home. My frame of mind was the pits at that point and I couldn’t find the peaceful spot inside that my therapist and I have been working on. So I switched my focus to keeping my mouth shut.  I was successful. I figured I wouldn’t say another word until we were at Lynn’s house.

I was startled by a huge bump and the strangest sounds coming from the car. Three in the morning, three hours from Lynn’s, we hit a deer. The Dad couldn’t open his door and a tremendous amount of steam rose from the engine. GB and Hope woke up, but,  thankfully, no one was hurt. Hope was snarly, which is how she always wakes up. Fortunately, while she raged earlier, she didn’t lose it then. We waited a half hour for a Virginia State Trooper and another half hour for a tow truck. By 4:15 we were in a hotel room.

This room has a complete, full size, set of stainless steel appliances, including a garbage disposal, and granite counter tops. The bedroom is completely separate. There is a kitchen table, a couch, a desk and an easy chair.

This morning we woke up to find we didn’t have comprehensive on the Prius and would have to pay cash to solve this problem. Not great, especially since, the Dad just took a half time leave, and our living money was cut in half.

I am grateful because:

  • Ten years ago, The Dad would have lost it completely. He stayed intact and dealt.
  • GB has always been a good car rider and trusts us completely. Telling her everything was going to be ok and her believing us was big last night.
  • Hope was Hope, but when we hit the deer, she didn’t rage, she just got snarly.
  • God has always met our needs and I trust that he will this time.
  • We will get to my sister’s by Thanksgiving, even if it is not on my schedule.

Most of all, we are all safe and together. Everything else pales beside this.

Wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving!

The Bad and the Good

The Bad

  • The pipe supplying water to the kids toilet froze. As everyone came in from church, MK was first to the toilet and took forever, which left The Dad and the two girls doing the I-got-to-pee dance.
  • The garbage disposal sprung a huge leak. Not only was there a huge mess to clean up, but it will cost $850.00 to replace it. For a garbage disposal unit? Not only that, but the leak stays until the unit is replaced.
  • The dishwasher water arm melted, leaving no spray coming out, hence no dishes are getting washed. I haven’t a clue how much a new dishwasher will cost, but since this one is almost twelve years old, I don’t think I will get it repaired. In the mean time somebody (me) has to find time to wash dishes.
  • The dog vomited up all his food this morning and I had two hairballs from the cats. Yuck!
  • I have to take GB for an EKG tomorrow because the shrink won’t try her on Geodon without one.
  • GB’s goodie bag from her party yesterday was full of silver tinsel.

The Good

  • GB gets a new shrink in March.
  • MK filled out the papers for child support and may even file them tomorrow.
  • The plumber is coming Tuesday morning.
  • My fireplace repairman got my gas logs going again 🙂
  • The ticket for Orlando is already paid for, so I am going regardless of how many appliances break.