First Day od Our Seven Day Memorial Weekend

I don not remember having a full week off for Memorial Day when I was  a kid. Back then, Memorial Day didn’t even have to be on a Monday. Our school district is the only one I know of that has given seven days of unstructured time to children that struggle through a weekend. I am trying to counter this by scheduling each day. Today:

  • Medicine, morning, routine, breakfast
  • a have hour of TV while Hope’s medicine kicks in
  • Chores: make beds, empty dishwasher (GB), make sure all dirty socks are in downstairs hamper (Hope)
  • Friend bringing her sons over to put used Little Tykes tunnel set together.
  • Yogurt parfaits are the snack today
  • pizza and juice for lunch
  • Hope and T play in yard
  • GB and J are doing crafts
  • Fruit for afternoon snack
  • Boys and friend home
  • Half an hour quiet  play
  • GB’s DDSO worker visits
  • GB is cook helper, Hope sets table
  • medicine, baths, hair, teeth
  • a game of sticks and stones
  • Tapping and bed for Hope
  • GB reading
  • Tapping and bed for GB

Will it work? I have no  idea.  At least it is a starting point and gives us a frame work to use.