No More

I have been abused for over 2 1/2 years, almost three years. And I allowed it.

Awful words to write. Awful words to own. I watched my husband create a new life for himself and leave me powerless, not only over long term issues, but in day to day life. I listened to his words telling me I was the most important thing in his world and he would always be there for me, even though his actions spoke otherwise. It took him putting my adult daughter, her friend, and his social life ahead of me before I even wondered. It took him letting my adult daughter invade my bedroom screaming l was spending her money before I wondered if he really had my best interests at heart. He took GB and wouldn’t let me talk to her or know where she was for 24 hours before I knew I needed protection from him. And it took him coming home and stealing the money from my person while I slept so that I couldn’t leave before I realized I was abused.

I refuse to be controlled. I refuse to back down. I will not allow myself to be abused anymore.

One thought on “No More

  1. Your story breaks my heart, yet at the same, makes me feel so less alone. I wish I could give you a hug and share a quiet glass of wine. You are in my thoughts so often.

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