As Good As It Gets?

I thought yesterday morning with nine and a half year old Hope was bad. Then along came yesterday afternoon. RAD sucks. Trauma sucks. Soon to be ex-husbands suck.

Hope stepped off the bus triggered. I disengaged. I went and  sat in a different room, ready to wait it out. Hope followed me. She started by pushing me and deteriated into punching and kicking, screaming that if I loved her I would call the cops. She continued punching and kicking, interspersing it with throwing things and tossing furniture. After 25 or 30 minutes she left the room. I told myself to breathe.

A minute or two later she was back. She had a two inch wide butcher knife in her hand and within moments it was six inches from my face. She told me she was going to stab me so she would never have to see me again.

Her father came home to help. He took Hope out for ice cream. He bought Hope a cell phone. They went out to dinner.

I questioned him about what he thought an appropriate response was. He defended himself, saying “I told her it is never ok to hit.”

I am asking the custody judge to order a psychiatric evaluation on Hope. I have no idea what to do with him.

2 thoughts on “As Good As It Gets?

  1. Surely her care plan involves hospitalisation for actual bodily threats of harm with a knife???! Not to mention half an hour punching and kicking?

    I know courts tend to view it as each parent has as much right to choose how to parent as the other does, and if that’s badly then so be it, that’s their right to parent that way – but if he’s not acting on seeking emergency crisis care for her in that situation doesn’t that become neglect?

  2. I have my lawyer working on it. Right now, Hope doesn’t have a safety pla. Her father restrains her when she goes after him physically and waits it out- hours if need be. She is now over 90# and I don’t have the physical strength to restrain her any more.

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