A Sibling

GB turned 12 yesterday. Last week her birth mother gave birth to a little girl. She told no one that she was pregnant and is not planning on raising her daughter. The only reason it has turned into my issue is that I am the only one who thinks GB should be given this information. We live in the same small town as her birth mother. All of the adults in her life already have the information. Trying to keep the baby a secret is pointless even if it was a good idea. I feel strongly that it is not a good idea anyway. The Dad disagrees. The Dad and I are not in a place where conversation is productive. Although he still lives here, conversations are through lawyers. Since I am me, I expect it will be one of the difficult conversations GB and I will have soon. Life is messy and nothing I can do will change that. The only way to get past something is to go through it. It is what it is. It is also lonely.

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