Sometimes, You Have to Laugh

As Hope raging has slowed down, we have noticed she has a much broader repertoire  of attention getting behaviors.

Hope came home from school Tuesday limping. She said she hurt her foot in gym. The Dad took her to the Urgent Care and had her checked out. Nothing was bruised or swollen, but the doctor wrapped her ankle and The Dad carried her home. She was given the princess treatment that night and the next morning. The Dad even drove her to school and carried her to her classroom.

Very Young Teacher sent an email yesterday.

Today we realized something interesting… when Hope hurt her foot on Tuesday, it was her right foot.  She went home limping on her right foot.  Then on Wednesday when she came to school her left foot was wrapped up.  Today she has walked fine around the classroom all day.  Once I told her to go to nurse Sherri for meds she limped out of the classroom.  I spoke to her about how on Tues she hurt her right foot and now its her left foot… she tried to explain how they both hurt and then was walked on her toes on both feet…. I just wanted to give you the heads up.

After we stopped laughing, I realized I really couldn’t call Hope’s teacher Very Young Teacher any more. After having Hope for three years, she doesn’t fall for much anymore. I will have to come up with a new blog name for her.

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