Home For The Holidays

I know it is not December yet. In our extended family, Christmas has traditionally started the Friday after Thanksgiving. The holiday music comes out, we start decorating, planning projects, and planning menus. Hope had some good moments in the last two weeks, but I have still decided we need to stay home for the holidays. People who what to see us will come here.

Our December trip to the water park will wait until January. Various people will do traditional Christmas activity, such as visit Bedouin Park, with all its lights, ski Hunter Mountain, and going caroling. Everyone participates with the Advent Calendar and family movie nights with the traditional Christmas DVDs will happen. Homemade hot chocolate and various cooking projects will take place. Secrets and wrapping will happen.

Pre-holiday decluttering has commenced and the fireplace is working. Presents here are always low key and family games are traditional. Low key will not only allow Hope to enjoy more, but will reduce the stress level for everyone. Conversations are already happening around here to identify which traditions are most important.

My fourteen day challenge was only partially successful- the atmosphere in the house improved, but I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. A low key December is much more doable and something I am looking forward to.

3 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays

  1. Hurray! Hallelujah! And enjoy the holiday spirit from your comfiest chair with your feet up! Everyone in your house deserves a relaxing Christmas at home this year. I hope everyone you love and want to see will travel to your house this season so that you can visit (and let them do the hard, expensive work of traveling). Good call, Mama! 🙂 [Wish I could do the same, but we stayed home for Thanksgiving, and my 90-year-old Dad likes to see us at Xmas time; still, we’ll spend Xmas day at home and celebrate nuclear family style, and travel the 4+ hours to NJ for 2 overnights in a hotel near to my Dad between Xmas and New Year’s. That way, we have some privacy in the hotel, even though it’s more expensive that way, and the girls have the space to decompress (and use the pool and hot tub) after being on their best behavior with the relatives. And my Dad, at 90, really doesn’t need a house full of guests, LOL.]

  2. Can I come and spend Christmas at your house? It sounds so nice, just like Christmas should be. Your children are very lucky to have you as a mom.
    I really hope that you have a good Christmas and that Hope will be on her best behavior.

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