We are off to Michigan tomorrow. Hope turns 7 on Sunday and my grandson, X, turns 8 on Monday.  X worked hard with reading specialist all summer. When I offered a reward, he said he wanted me in Michigan for his birthday. He stuck to it, so to Michigan I go. GB is excited to see Joel, who is her birth father.

Hope has been a little less aggressive this week. She has also regressed a bit more- brought to tears by requests (ie get your shoes please) that she was handling. I am trying hard to under react and foregoing all judgement. It has not been easy. Walking on eggshells can be very tiring.

I am still feeling fragile, physically and emotionally. I had a spell when my O2 stats went down to 80. I have so much to process and my energy is limited.I see the cardiologist next week.

Not looking forward to the 17 hour drive to Michigan. We will take two days and find a hotel with a pool tomorrow night so the girls can swim off their traveling crazy’s.  Prayers would be appreciated. It would be better if Hope didn’t rage in the drive through of Star*Bucks. We are taking the van instead of the Prius. That will help.

One thought on “Birthdays

  1. Best wishes for your trip. It sounds like you are quite sick, on top of everything you have been dealing with from a family perspective. No wonder your energy level is low. I hope the cardiologist can help next week.


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