7 Day Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 was MUCH harder than Day 1. I had to go for a test today. It involved 2 hours of driving, over an hour for the test, and GB had to come with us. GB was not happy at having to leave school early- today was fire safety day and she didn’t want to miss it. This left her whiny and I am not good with an hour of anybody whiny, especially in the car. I dealt by keeping my mouth closed.

The test logistics were difficult. It took 30 minutes, three needles, and a lot of digging to take arterial gases. This is normally a three minute test. I was out of patience before they even started the ejection test. If the challenge included adults, this would have ended the day.

Hope joined us at Friendly*s. There were seven kids tonight. GB was clingy and Hope was dysregulated. I caught  myself  a handful  of times about to be sarcastic, Sarcastic is my normal mode. I realized my only chance was  silence- and having taken two cars. GB and I went home as soon as we were done eating and everybody else followed. GB and I showered, washed and braided GB’s hair, and are now cuddling in front of cartoons. This challenge seems to be much harder then last year. I suspect that means I really needed to take it. I can’t bite my lip forever.

Any inspiring successes out there?

1 thought on “7 Day Challenge: Day 2

  1. I think you have more in your plate than last year. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

    Also, what can ease your challenge is reading “The explosive child”.
    Sarcasm worsens the problem.
    This book can really provide you tools to help with GB and Hope. It’s not a cure all magic bullet, but I can assure you that it makes home life more peaceful.

    Again, don’t be too harsh on yourself and take it one day at time.

    Take care

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