7 Day Challenge

Almost a year ago, Pearls of Price posted a 14 day challenge. The challenge was to go 14 consecutive days without saying anything that was negative to my children. I never made it past Day 4 without having to start over. In recognition of how far off the mark I was last year, I have modified the challenge. I am only looking for 7 consecutive days of positive or at least neutral comments.

I know focusing on this will benefit GB and me. Ii can’t hurt Hope. Most of Hope’s negative interactions, at this point, are with the Dad. Since he is acting as her primary parent at this point, I will have more opportunities to hunt for the positive. Look for my first update tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “7 Day Challenge

  1. Not any easy challenge! I would certainly struggle too.

    Don’t discount how good this could be for Hope, even if most of her interactions are with The Dad.She probably won’t express it, but every positive you give her is filling up her love tank.

  2. Awesome! I’ll join you too. (But 7 days, you say—7 whole days while I’m awake and not muzzled? Sigh … I have some work to do.)

    I’m so impressed with your ability to let go and let Dad do the hard, close work with Hope for the time being: I know it can’t be easy as a Mama to stand back that way. Hang in there!

    And how wonderful it will feel (I imagine) to say only positive things to Hope at a time when you’re safe from being assaulted by her. And, perhaps, Hope will accept it sincerely, knowing that she’s not hurting you.

    I think it’s really hard for kids to accept positive comments about themselves when they *know* they’re doing hurtful (wrong) things to their parents, even when we realize they can’t necessarily stop themselves from doing those things, at this moment in their lives.

    Now, the big question—Should I tell my daughter I’m taking this challenge, and let them hold me accountable?!

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