On Monday, we had a very short meeting with Mary Poppins and she is gone. The Dad is considering taking a leave of absence from work so that he can continue working with Hope. He is not ready to put her in an RTF and I am not ready to have her 7 hours away. For the time being, we are at a stalemate. We continue to do things as a family and Hope continues to struggle. The school has upped Hope’s therapy to twice a week, individual sessions. Hope is again seeing an outside therapist. We haven’t seen the waiver people since September 17th. The case manager is coming out tomorrow.

Today was Kenny’s funeral. It was four hours long. The Dad spoke. I do not remember much of it, although I do remember crying a lot. I know Kenny is out of pain and I believe he is with God. I think the tears will pass. I am selfishly reluctant to admit I will not have Kenny’s friendship again on earth.

Everything changes and nothing changes- all at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Increased therapy hours and Dad taking a leave of absence to become the primary parent for a while could be a turning point for Hope. It could all, also, not change a thing, especially if Hope simply turns her aggression on Dad, which might be the case if she’s simply not neurologically/psychologically mature enough, at her current age, to control her aggressive, raging impulses. But at least you would know, going forward, that your family had worked together and exhausted all available options to keep your daughter in your home with the rest of her family. My love and thoughts are with you all during this time of loss and transition.

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