It Worked!

I wrote about our attempt to treat GB’s primary enuresis by chiropractor  in . We are down to visiting the chiropractor once a week. GB has had four dry nights in a row. I knew that leaking through the pull-ups had been bothering her. I hadn’t realized how  much it was bothering her until she asked me this morning when she could stop wearing the pull-ups.

After thinking about it, I told GB she could stop wearing pull-ups whenever she wants. I am sure she is making progress and her happiness and confidence is just glowing. I am delighted I gave a new (to me) idea a chance and it worked out so well.

7 thoughts on “It Worked!

  1. My daughter (10-year old with FASD) still wears pull-ups at night. I just took her for her first appointment with the chiropractor yesterday. She’ll have a second one on Thursday. I am praying that this will help as it did for GB. She really wants to be dry and night. I want her to be dry! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fabulous to hear! Another friend is having improved results with her child’s behaviour with regular visits to her Chiro. It is amazing the difference that chiropractic sessions are making with kids! Who’d have thought?

  3. I am excited to hear this! I just came across your blog and am so impressed with you. My husband is in the Army and one day we would like to become foster parents, I especially would like to foster those munchkins who might take a bit more energy than “normal”. A dear friend of mine just recently adopted 3 munchkins, whom the oldest has RAD, sensory issues, ADHD and we are pretty sure of drug use while prego. That being said, I understand from and outside viewpoint some of the things you must be going thru. I want to say thank you for everything you do and hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, if even for just a moment.

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