CSE Addeneum

Thursday afternoon, I received the following email from the Director of Special Education.

GBsMom~ It was brought to my attention after yesterday’s CSE program review for GB that you may have been audio recording with your phone. This is not a problem. I just ask that you let me know in the future so that I can also have the appropriate tools  available to also do an audio recording. If this was not the case, I hope you understand that a member of the team was  only concerned that we were not being given the same opportunity.
I wasn’t recording anything. GB’s CSE was quick and pleasant. Everybody who spoke added to the overall atmosphere of “Gee, isn’t great how well GB is doing”. The only one who didn’t was the school psychologist. He didn’t say anything at all. After emailing the Director of Special Education that I had not and was curious as to who came up with such a paranoid idea, she sent me this email:
GBsMom~Thanks for getting back to me on this issue. I was so glad to hear how well GB is doing this year!
Director of Special Education
I am sitting here shaking my head. There are “issues” even when CSE meeting are uneventful. Such is life.

5 thoughts on “CSE Addeneum

  1. What crappy double-speak!—“I hope you understand that a member of the team was only concerned that we were not being given the same opportunity.” What does that even mean? Why would *they* need to record anything? It’s not you who holds all the cards, or you who is awarding/denying their child anything, or you who might promise something in a meeting and not follow through on it. Honestly, it shows such bad faith. And unless I’m tone deaf, just a little bit of bullying. I’m sure you’ll feel nice and welcomed the next time you go to a meeting, knowing that there are paranoid spies around you. Ugh!

  2. Oooooh that would be so tempting to me! How do you resist telling her, “It had not occurred to me to record the meetings but now you bring it up I think that’s a great idea. Please plan to video-record all future meetings, as the school psych did not address any findings and had a sour look on his face. It would be good to have a record of everyone’s level of enthusiasm for helping my children..”

  3. Seriously? That is such complete and utter bulljive. Being a bold sort, I’d ask her why the school psychiatrist didn’t participate in the meeting. I would express “concern” that he just sat there silently like a toad in a hole. (Not in those words, of course.)
    I’d also ask for a separate meeting with the psychiatrist and document it when he refuses.

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