Quick Update

A DSS program has been added to the Waiver program, giving us an additional 20 hours a week of services for Hope. There was a long waiting list as of yesterday, we were accepted today. The Director of Clinical Services is still the same person who had the position when we asked for help with MK, 12 years ago. When I recently contacted her, she instantly remembered MK. She was very memorable back then! The new worker is older and very experienced.

I spoke with Hope’s psychiatrist today. We start her on Zoloft tomorrow. I would have preferred Celexa, as I have a friend who swears by it for her very difficult daughter with RAD, but the doctor said it has too many cardiac side effects on children Hope’s age. I hope that by reducing Hope’s anxiety we will reduce the violence.

We found out it is possible that our insurance company will contract for Hope to be placed in the RTC that is only twenty minutes from us. That would be a gift.

Hope still doesn’t have a bus. I am going to spend part of tomorrow sitting in the special education office until that is rectified.

Joe is still always here when Hope is and I am still safe.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Interestingly, T. did horribly on an anti-depressant a few years ago when it was prescribed as the only treatment, but now that she’s doing extraordinarily well on Risperdal, her p-doc would like to try the anti-depressant again to treat her sense of hopelessness and fatigue. (Yes, even on a stimulant daily for her ADHD, the poor child is filled with fatigue.) Though I wasn’t in her life during the first attempt at using an anti-depressant, I was reluctant to try when the doc suggested it, especially since she suggested it at the same time she was adding the Risperdal and eliminating lamictal. But, honestly, there’s been such a positive change from the Risperdal that I’m willing to give this doc the benefit of the doubt and try it. The thing with the anti-depressants, though, is that they take weeks to reach a therapeutic level inside the body, and then there can be months of tinkering to get to the right dosage. Which I know quite intimately because I’ve taken Zoloft for 10+ years. I am crossing my fingers for Hope and wishing you success with the Zoloft. Love to you all—especially you, Mama. You have reserves of determination to find good treatment for your daughter that I envy.

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