After the First Week of School

So our first two and one-half days of school are over. Hope and GB are attending different schools, taking different buses, and attending at different times. Hope’s bus doesn’t come until 40 minutes after GB’s and GB gets home a full hour before Hope.

GB is attending the neighborhood school, although she still has the same teacher, aides, OT, and speech as she has had the last two years. The first “week” went smoothly for her. She is happy and everything is working the way it should be. There will be a CSE in the end of September to make sure everybody knows who is responsible for what.

Hope is in the same school and class as last year. The bus has yet to pick her up. I do not have any information about how she has done this “week” because Ms. Very Young Teacher has not sent anything home or answered an email as of yet. Hope says there are only two other children in her class. I have requested a CSE meeting on Hope next week because nobody seems inclined to respond.

I am fortunate that the Dad is putting Hope on the bus and is always home when Hope is. I not only haven’t had to deal with the phantom bus, but I have not been hurt either. The SPOA worker comes in 15 minutes. The Dad is here- maybe he will get more information out of the worker then I was able to. Hope is not doing well and he is getting the brunt of it.

One thought on “After the First Week of School

  1. Maybe there should be nine kids in Hope’s class but the bus isn’t coming for any of them?
    I didn’t comment earlier but your dolphin pictures made me smile. What a great break for all of you.

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