Swimming with the Dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins was the highlight of our cruise. All the ladies in our group went together, while the gentlemen went sailing to St. John. GB was nervous but so brave. She enjoyed herself immensely. We are having a book made of our adventure, but it won’t be here before Christmas. I am considering a week of dolphin therapy for both girls, but that will have to wait until Hope is stable enough to handle airports and planes.

2 thoughts on “Swimming with the Dolphins

  1. What a wonderful experience for you all! Dolphins have such a special quality about them that people are drawn to. When my youngest was in 5th grade she was very depressed and I have picture after picture of her with a frown on her face. That summer we were able to visit a dolphin research center and I have a photo of her in the water ‘hugging’ one, grinning ear to ear. It was magical!

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