The First Three Days

It is Wednesday. We are on our third day at sea and will reach Puerto Rico around 4 pm this afternoon.

I have no new bruises or bites and have started to relax. The Dad was really uptight the first few days, but he, too, is starting to relax. GB is enjoying herself, but has required help self-regulating. This is her third cruise, but she was more stable on the first two cruises, both because she was on Risperdal and because she was coming from a stable home life. I am putting a lot of energy into keeping her regulated with some success. We have only needed one PRN. Camp Carnival, their kids programs, try to be accommodating to children with special needs, but need to improve. This will be a separate post when we get home and a letter to the cruise line.

GB has swam, face painted, played mini golf, signed up to hoop with her friend in the talent show, played mini golf, and stuffed a dog at build a bear. GB just came in to change into her bathing suit. She was looking for her towel when there was wild knocking on the door. It was her friend from the next cabin, standing stark naked in the hallway, asking me with a big smile if I would help her put her bathing suit on.

MK is enjoying herself. Mali has successfully negotiated Camp Carnival twice now. This is a major achievement for both of them.

I hate being in pictures, but so far this week, I am in a lot of them. Most aren’t very good.

Tomorrow we swim with the dolphins and Friday we swim with the sting rays and take a ride in a sub. I have an appointment for acupuncture after the dolphins tomorrow and am hoping that will enable me to go to Friday’s excursions.

A new post on the other blog tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “The First Three Days

  1. So glad you are starting to relax, you deserve it. You are an amazing woman. Where others would have given up, you don’t. I admire your commitment. Is there anyway I can get in to follow you on your other blog, please? I do shoot up prayers when I’m reading this blog.

  2. Oh those two are beautiful, lovely picture. So happy to hear you’re getting some so needed R*R, wishing you a relaxing time {}

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