This and That

  • Hope goes to respite tomorrow. She is not happy, but I know the provider and she will be safe.
  • SPOA papers are not done, but I have one more day, September 4th, to finish getting together.
  • I leave on a cruise this Sunday. My goal is to have my body healed by the time I get back.
  • I am suppose to get 20 hours a week of in home help with Hope when school starts. We will see.
  • A friend has offered to drive all the way from the midwest to pick up Hope and keep her safe until we get an RTF bed. I am blessed. If the extra help doesn’t show up when it is suppose to, it may be needed to keep me safe.
  • Thanks to all for the support. I am still in survival mode, but I am trying to reach out.

One thought on “This and That

  1. I have come across your family blog…you are a saint…I have five adopted children and cannot even imagine what you are going through. you need a vacation. I have two kids with autism but nothing like you are going through. i guess if i ever feel sorry for myself I will come read your blog…God Bless You

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