At Home

GB continues to blossom. She is off with a friend today at an amusement park. She has everything she needs to self regulate; her Ipod, high protein food, plenty of water, and my you are not alone rock. The cruise is coming up and GB’s excitement is so enjoyable to see.

Hope is not having an easy day. She is mad that GB is at the amusement park. She is mad that she is not going on the cruise. I have been therapeutic so far. She hit the little one, who has been wandering around telling anyone who would listen that Hope hit him and was bad.

Hope does not want to stay in the same room as me. She has no choice, as she is still level one on the waiver worker’s chart. Each day she has been physically aggressive before breakfast and busted down to level one for the day. This is the first day Hope and I have been home without outside support. So far, she has only pinched me. It left a nasty bruise, but was not as painful as being bitten. The waiver worker will be here in two hours. I need to work on getting Hope’s therapist from school to finish the psychological the school psychologist started last week. Finishing the paperwork is still possible.

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