Trying the Impossible

I spent yesterday calling everyone I can remember that helped with Family #1. I spent this morning calling the numbers that yesterday’s people gave me. I struck gold. Well, maybe not gold, but I found someone who thinks Hope needs to be away form her triggers (ie, me) for an extended period of time, while receiving therapy.


By August 27th, I need to have done:

a neuropysh- complete with report

a psychiatric eval- complete with report

a new social security card with our last name

a developmental history

a social history

her 2012-2013 IEP

a physical

immunization records

and a fifteen page application (which I won’t get until Monday) filled out.


This person also said she can make  the waiver worker cooperate. It is a slim possibility that I can get it all together in two weeks. But it is all I have.

6 thoughts on “Trying the Impossible

  1. It’s a daunting list, but it isn’t impossible. We got tangled in a nasty case of international fraud when we adopted our kids. As such, when we realized there was a tiny little window in which we could have our dossier resubmitted, I can’t even describe how things came together and fell into place. We had only a couple of weeks to pull our dossier together, including a brand spanking new home study done by a new person and agency, and have everything notarized and then appostilled by the state. We thought it would be impossible. It wasn’t. Miracle after miracle after little miracle happened…and we did it. The bulk of it was actually completed in the course of one afternoon.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that we didn’t do this alone and that many of the things that fell into place really were a whole bunch of little miracles. As it turned out that window we had was even smaller than we first realized. We had ONE SHOT at getting our dossier submitted before the laws changed again. Had we missed it, we would never have been able to get our youngest, and consequently probably neither of our kids out of Ukraine because there was also a law in place stating that siblings have to be adopted together. Had the one barring the youngest to be adopted internationally because of his age gone into effect before we got home, both our boys would still be there in separate orphanages and most likely never seeing each other again.

    Remember, mama, that she was God’s daughter before she was yours and she still is His. He knows what she needs and will help make it happen. Lay it all on the line, work as if it depends on you, and then turn it all over to Him.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Diana. Praying for your wisdom, your strength, for doors to fling open all over the place. I love you! (((hug)))

  3. If we lived in the same state (we used to before I was an actual licensed doctor!) I would totally get that physical and vaccination records done for you ASAP. 🙂 Alas….meanwhile praying that it all comes together because that is A LOT of work to be done! You’re an amazing woman.

  4. I want to be realistic and say that you may very well *not* get this all done if Hope is at home with you while you are trying to do all the paperwork and make all the appointments. Can she go into respite or be with The Dad for weekdays while you arrange all this? (None of the offices will be open on the weekends, so you might as well not use up precious alternative care for her on the weekends, even if you may need that time for yourself.) Thinking of you all—and wishing you all the best.

  5. Oh yikes that is a DAUNTING list! You can do this. You have a family of mamas “holding your arms up” when you feel weak. ❤

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