Just the Facts

Hope is being discharged tomorrow with no added services. They changed her risperdal to seroquel last night. They say it will take six months to change services. I am starting at the top of every agency I know. I will rattle New York State before Hope is picked up tomorrow. It will not be six months.

9 thoughts on “Just the Facts

  1. What?? Everyone pushing you to hospitalize. Some begging you to hospitalize. And then… 3 days and she’s out with NO changes? Insanity.

  2. Crap. What are they thinking?! Will they find services more quickly if the next time she injures you, you call 911 and have the police arrest her for assault and battery, and bring her to Juvie? (That’s a rhetorical question. I hope you don’t feel backed into a corner enough to go that route. But I believe that JD is far more expensive than any RTC. The State may be dumb, but it can add.) I’m so sorry that you, Hope, and the rest of your family are being put through this ridiculous and potentially quite dangerous turn of events. Any chance a Senator or Congressional Representative would be able to help? The documentation of your lives in your blog is heartbreaking, thorough, and compelling. I wish you strength and success to turn things around, soon.

  3. I am so sorry. This completely cements in my mind that Hope was meant to find you, because if there is anyone that can advocate for what she needs now I believe that is you. *hugs* and I can’t wait to see you in person!

  4. This is SO ridiculous. It was a fight and a half to keep my kid in treatment. We managed to get him kept there two weeks, but they still sent us home with freaking NOTHING. All his discharge summaries say that I pushed to keep him there and I was the one who insisted he’s a people pleaser. Put on your battle suit, Mama. You’re going to need it. My kid was adorably charming the entire time he was there. And yet, the minute we stepped into the parking lot…and for the next 24 hours…oh, who am I kidding…the next 2 weeks…the kid SCREAMED at me. He even tried to run away on the way home when we stopped for lunch in an unfamiliar city. He’s tried to get himself readmitted to the hospital a couple of times since. This stuff SUCKS!!

    And seriously…I do NOT get AT ALL how they think star charts will treat mental illness. I just do not get it at all. I also don’t get how these state of the art places just do not understand RAD.

  5. Oh I hope you can figure out some options. Our insurance sends our daughter home after 4 days every time and we call the hospital Club Med, because our daughter enjoys the respite and sometimes they make a tiny change to her meds. One way of looking at it is as a box to check on the path to something that might work (insurance requires certain steps to be made before they’ll pay for something more, like RTF or intensive outpatient). Will continue to send hugs and prayers!!


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