The Dad went to see Hope last night. They had a nice visit for 20 minutes. Then it was movie time. Hope wanted to see the movie. The Dad tried to convince her to visit. She started going off, The Dad backed off and left. He is extremely disappointed. He thought she was much more attached then that. I think maybe attachment is not going to come. There has got to be another way for her to safely be part of our family.

5 thoughts on “Reality

  1. I can totally relate to the deep disappointment because we’ve experienced that many times when we had visits where our hospitalized son didn’t want to see us, but to be fair, it may well have nothing to do with attachment. Typical kids do the same thing – They don’t want to miss out on fun things in order to have what is often an awkward (because of the environment and their being hospitalized by their parents\’ choice) visit in the awkard/new environment of the psych hospital. It is a normal thing for non-attachment-disordered kids, I\’ve seen it a million times with other kids, and I hope Dad won\’t read too much into it unless it becomes a pattern.

  2. I’m sorry for The Dad. Different parents in a family can come to accepting the depth of attachment disorders at very different speeds, especially when the child is fighting one much more viciously and regularly than the other, as seems to be true for Hope. I would only suggest to you and The Dad that you remember that these past few months have been packed full of tremendous therapeutic work for Hope, including the Intensive, and you may still see progress in attachment. I’m no prophet, but as an outsider, reading your blog, I can see how much new, hard work you’ve all done as a family over this summer. I remain hopeful about healing, for your sakes. I know a tiny little bit about the heartache, too. My thoughts are with you all. I trust that the hospital will be able to provide Hope the services that she needs, including a transfer to a good RTF, if that’s what you want for her. Sending compassion to you all.

  3. It’s sad but I think she might just still be hurt from being sent away. Even if she understands why, its still a huge change.
    Best luck for the future

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