Visiting Hope

Today I drove the hundred miles to visit Hope. New York Presbyterian Hospital  has an excellent children’s psychiatric hospital. I was impressed with their staff and their routine and how close reality was to what they led me to expect. Hope was happy to see me, but didn’t want eye contact. I insisted. She told me all the things she disliked about the hospital (and there were many), but did not ask if or when she could come home. I spent an hour answering the staff’s questions. I go back Wednesday morning and they will try to answer my questions. They plan on playing with her meds, but they weren’t any more optimistic than our psychiatrist as far as changing the meds making a difference. After the meeting, I went to visit with Hope again, but as soon as it was TV time, Hope lost all interest in me. I left. The Dad is going to see her tonight.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Hope

  1. They may not be more optimistic than Hope’s psychiatrist, but we never know. Maybe it will sort out something better than we can hope now.

    I continue to hope for you and for Hope.

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